On Monday, May 9th, registration begins at 8:30am at the Helen Mills Theater – in midtown Manhattan. Canto CEO keynote kicks off at 9:30 am and then you’ll enjoy a full summit day and evening event with Cumulus peers, the Canto team and partners.

On Tuesday, May 10th, we’ll have a full line-up of informative breakout sessions across three separate tracks at the chic, nearby Ace Hotel. Breakfast starts at 8:00 am. Sessions begin at 9:00 am. Lunch will be served at 12:30 pm and the conference will end by 4:15 pm. See below for session details.

8:30 AM Registration and Light Breakfast
9:30 AM Canto CEO Welcome, Vision, and Roadmap Jack McGannon, CEO Kick off the Canto DAM Summit with a CEO welcome from Mr. Jack McGannon. He'll share the company vision, product roadmap and conference highlights.
10:00 AM DAM Industry Keynote John Horodyski, Optimity Advisors The decision to have a DAM is the right step in the right direction to gaining operational and intellectual control of your digital assets. Any successful DAM requires more than just new technology; it requires a foundation for digital strategy. Attend this keynote to understand the foundations of DAM, how you arrived at your current state of DAM maturity, how to achieve future goals, receive stakeholder satisfaction and learn what we all need to be aware of as we address disruptive digital trends.
10:30 AM DAM creativity at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin Danielle Forshtay, Lockheed Martin See the benefits of DAM in a creative in-house environment and how cataloging and searching saves time. Learn how a Lockheed Martin digital asset manager has gone from scanning negatives and searching discs / juke boxes to typing in keywords. This session will share lessons learned about securing “buy in”, motivation, training and having a positive attitude to encourage the creative team. Hear future plans for expanding Cumulus to continue its value within Lockheed Martin's in-house creative department.
11:00 AM 400 Images of "The Bedroom": Collection Management and DAM at the Van Gogh Museum Marianne Nouwen and Marianne Peereboom, Van Gogh Museum Van Gogh Museum recently implemented Cumulus. The biggest challenge was the link to the Collection Information System (Adlib), from which it derives a subset of metadata of all museum and library objects. The Van Gogh Museum intends to use the DAM System for all collection related assets, not only the high quality “preferred” images from the photo studio but also historical images, technical photography such as X-ray, raking light, UV or microscopic images, educational, marketing and commercial materials, etc. Quality assurance is of top importance. This presentation will also focus on organizational implications of introducing a Digital Asset Management System and give some practical advice on how to use Cumulus to its fulfill its potential as the central repository for museum media.
11:30 AM Moving from Physical Media to a Successful DAM Mary Litviak, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board Attend this session to learn how the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) went from slides and transparencies to working exclusively in digital media across three primary catalog collections using Cumulus. Hear about WMMB’s mission, how photo library and usage agreements were handled prior to Cumulus being installed, how Cumulus deals with digital rights management, their challenges and successes, some core elements of DAM and what’s critical for DAM success. Hear how the Cumulus library has grown into a valuable resource for both internal and external customers over the years through to today. She’ll also touch on how the WMMB’s naming convention was developed and give examples of how it applies to their assets.
12:00 PM Lunch: Birds of a Feather Networking Sponsored by: inMotionNow
1:30 PM TBA Canto
2:00 PM Focus on Design at simplehuman with Cumulus Mikako Ito, simplehuman Allowing the design team to focus on creative production was a key driving force behind the search, investment and deployment of an enterprise digital asset management system at award-winning design brand, simplehuman - best known for elegant trash cans and upscale kitchen accessories. Hosting Cumulus in the Canto Private Cloud was part of their corporate initiative to offload IT. Employee self-service was critically important, in order to keep creative resources away from the role of 'file-fetcher'. Learn how DAM at simplehuman protects the integrity of the creative process while accelerating urgent Sales requests with content self-service.
2:30 PM Metadata Panel Discussion Moderator: John Horodyski, Optimity Advisors. Panelists: Ian Matzen at America's Test Kitchen, Candace Warren at SAS Institute, Phillip VanSpronsen at Perrin Hear first-hand experiences, challenges, solutions and lessons learned for burning metadata questions.
3:30 PM Afternoon Snack Break
4:00 PM How the Cumulus Mobile App Boosts Sales Revenue at Newsday James Kober, Newsday Data mobility is increasingly expected today. However, many firms still struggle to find the right blend of security, cost effectiveness and reliability. Learn how top New England publisher, Newsday, uses a Cumulus' mobile app to reduce expenses, streamline workflows and reduce selling time in the field.
4:30 PM Underwater Journey to Digital Asset Management Dan Van Pelt, PADI Attend to hear how Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) leverages DAM to secure assets, and speed the creative process.
The Fun Begins
5:30 PM Cocktail Hour and Networking at the Helen Mills Event Center
7:00 PM Dinner Event, Entertainment and Acknowledgements
Why Metadata is Still Key Thomas Schleu, CTO, Canto Metadata is key when it comes to structuring, searching and finding digital assets. Learn from Canto’s CTO Thomas Schleu how to leverage metadata to get the most out of your digital assets and learn about metadata standards.
Cumulus Deployment Options Matthew Keeling, Sr. Account Executive, Canto On-premise. Cloud. Hybrid. One of the great things about Cumulus is your ability to choose the deployment model that is right for your organization. Attend this session to learn the benefits and trade-offs of implementing DAM on your own infrastructure, in our secure, private cloud or as a hybrid cloud approach via integrations to Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure. Learn the pros and cons of each method and how they map to your IT and user needs, tolerances and use cases.
Digital Rights Management Freidericke Hein, Director of Sales In today's digital workplace, organizations curate more and more high quality visual content to feed marketing campaigns, boost conversions and engage with consumers. And yet many enterprises fail to keep track of when, where and how digital assets are being used. Are you in compliance with the licensing terms of each asset created and produced? In this session we’ll share common pitfalls, risks and how to avoid litigation by taking advantage of digital asset management to protect and manage your valuable digital assets and their related copyrights.
Optimizing Workflows Benedict Marck, Sr. DAM Consultant, Canto There are different kinds of workflows that can add transparency and automation to your team’s collaborative process. In this workshop we’ll explain the different workflow types supported by Cumulus; such as ad-hoc, status-based and integration workflows (CIP vs. Roboflow). Participants will learn which use case requires which workflow type and how these are set up and configured in Cumulus depending on the company’s internal needs and processes.
How to Manage a DAM Project Benedict Marck, Sr. DAM Consultant, Canto Digital asset management goes beyond the software. Strategy, process improvement and project management are essential to making a DAM initiative successful. Learn proven tips from Canto’s Lead Project Engineer, Benedict Marck, what's important when it comes to planning and implementing a digital asset management solution.
Cumulus X + InDesign Client Torsten Buller, Director of Operations, Canto See what's available since the launch of Cumulus X - the neXt level of enterprise digital asset management. See the new applications we have introduced with Cumulus X - a brand new portals solution to share your content, a new mobile app and an enhanced API to make integration easier, faster and allowing more functionality than ever before. And a completely new InDesign plugin called the Cumulus InDesign Client for two-way data exchange between Cumulus and InDesign.
Deep Dive: CMS and PIM / PLM System Integration Andreas Mockenhaupt, Director of Professional Services, Canto Digital asset management is closely linked to Content Management Systems and Product Information Management / Product Lifecycle Management Systems. Attend this session to learn about the various integration possibilities, the technical nuts and bolts and how these integrations can improve efficiency across your organization.
Deep Dive: Image Factory Andreas Mockenhaupt, Director of Professional Services, Canto Image Factory is an interface for Cumulus that supports you in delivering images and other content to various online channels - making sure the content gets delivered with maximum performance and flexibility. In this session, we'll show you the technology behind the Image Factory and demonstrate real world examples.
Cumulus Integrations Overview Thomas Mockenhaupt, Chief Sales Officer, Canto This breakout session will give you an overview of all the integrations available for Cumulus - from CMS, PIM, ERP and project management systems to CRM, e-commerce, stock imagery sites and everything in between.
Video Metadata Thomas Schleu, CTO, Canto With the steady rise of video, organizations face a multitude of challenges. This session focuses on the state of video metadata today, the various types and their unique characteristics and attributes that exists in the market. Attend this session to learn how digital asset management can serve as a conduit between the complexities of video usage and video metadata that can unlock the key to greater value derived from video content for businesses worldwide.
Best Practices: Advanced User Permissioning with Cumulus Andreas Mockenhaupt, Director of Professional Services, Canto Attend this session to understand the theory behind user permissions in Cumulus, and learn practical tips for how to set up roles, privacy and user settings to control who exactly can see and do what with your digital assets. See examples of both simple and complex permissioning - such as the ability to view only, download hi-res, download only with watermark or low-res, and block teams or departments from seeing and accessing works-in-progress, and much more.
Best Practices: Configuring Cumulus Web Client Benedict Marck, Sr. DAM Consultant Want better search results for your Cumulus Web Client users? Looking to refine what users see in the Web Client to increase efficiency? Attend this session to see what is possible out-of-the-box in the Web Client, with a little Admin configuration love. Learn how to set up custom searches, configure fields and create the best user experience.
DAM + CMS: Customer Experiences, Enabled Guy Schneider, VP Sales North America, e-Spirit Digital assets are mission critical to delivering exceptional customer experiences, and content management plays a strategic role in helping organizations meet digital experiences head on. In this session, learn the value of marrying digital assets and content to enhance the customer experience. We’ll address the challenges marketers face when publishing digital assets to multiple channels, and discuss how an integrated DAM + CMS solution can help marketers easily create, manage and deliver digital assets faster and more conveniently across multiple channels for exceptional digital experiences.
#DAMCreative Workflows with inMotion and Cumulus inMotionNow  Speed creative workflows with the combination of inMotionNow’s creative work management integrated with Cumulus. Hear from panelists: Rachael Silva of New York Public Libraries, Sheila Sullivan from Autism Speaks and Scott Heinemeier from RBO Printlogistix, moderated by Josh Tucker, technical product manager at inMotionNow.
Beyond Configuration: Custom Solution Success Stories Michael Gellner, Founder and CTO, Modula4 Every organization has its unique requirements and often the only way to get exactly what’s needed is through customization. With its rich set of APIs, Cumulus is the ideal platform for creating custom DAM solutions. Modula4 CTO Michael Gellner will share his 15+ years of experience tailoring Cumulus to customer needs by presenting examples of real-world solutions they've built that go far beyond what can be achieved with just configuration. Learn how organizations are using customizations to improve productivity and maximize the ROI of their Cumulus system.
Maximizing the Value of DAM with Publishing priint Americas We live in a world shaped by online and mobile communications. Does this mean that print publishing is dead or dying? Or is print publishing is emerging as an important component of a multichannel strategy. Of course, print is changing: It will become more individual, more goal-oriented, more emotional and more editorial. However, traditional publishing remains an outstanding impulse medium. In addition, publications will rely more and more on digital devices such as tablets, kiosks and smartphones. This session will explore how leading organizations leverage their investment in DAM as part of an omnichannel publishing strategy.